Downloads and Release History

There are two different ways to download OpenAdmin Tool:

Automated installation: Download the Informix Client SDK. Installing OpenAdmin Tool is an option in the Informix Client SDK installer for Windows 32-bit, Linux 32-bit and 64-bit, and MAC OS 64-bit.  Requires Informix Client SDK 3.70.xC4 or higher.

Manual installation: Download the OpenAdmin Tool Community Edition. Install the OpenAdmin Tool Community Edition manually if you already have your own web server and PHP setup.

Milestones and Changes in Recent Releases

3.15.1  -  Released March 2015

  • Ability to administer just a tenant database.
  • Defect Fix:

3.14  -  Released June 2014

  • Backup in Cloud (Flexible Grid)
  • Multi-tenant view of Storage Spaces, VPs etc.

3.13  -  Released March 2014

  • Defect Fixes

3.12  -  Released September 2013

  • Menu Search
  • Configure Trusted Hosts
  • JSON Plug-in

3.11  -  Released March 2013

  • Group Summary Dashboard
  • Monitor multiple database servers simultaneously from a single dashboard page. The Group Summary Dashboard displays all the database servers that are defined in an OAT group. For each server, get high-level summary about the server status, alerts, errors, CPU usage, memory usage, space usage, I/O activity, backup status, and the number of connected sessions. Pop-up windows provide more details and links to drill-down to related OAT pages. [Learn More] [Demo]

  • Compression Enhancements
  • There are new options for optimizing storage space on your Informix 12.10 database servers.  Compress indexes.  Compress tables and fragments with smart large object (TEXT and BYTE data types).  Enable automatic compression so that the database server automatically compresses a table or fragment once 2000 rows are inserted. [Demo]

  • Log in to OAT as your own user name. Manage SQL Admin API permissions
  • Manage access to OAT by managing permissions to the SQL Admin API commands for administering the Informix database server. Individual users can be granted privileges to run some or all SQL Admin API commands. This functionality frees OAT from the requirement that all users must login as the user informix. Once a certain user has been granted access a set of SQL Admin API privileges, that user can log in to OAT using their own user name and monitor and administer the Informix database server as themselves. Security is enhanced when all users log in to OAT using their own user name, instead of everyone sharing the common informix account. [Learn More] [Demo]

  • Configure automatic backups with the ON-Bar utility
  • Configure automatic backups with the ON-Bar utility in OAT. This includes setting up automatic ON-Bar backups with the new IBM Informix Primary Storage Manager. [Demo]

  • Informix Warehouse Accelerator
  • You can now use OAT to administer Informix Warehouse Accelerator. You can create an accelerator, monitor the status of an accelerator, and view the data marts that are associated with an accelerator on the OAT Warehouse Accelerator page. You can create and load data marts and view the data marts that are associated with a database from the Schema Manager plug-in. [Demo]

  • Grid queries

    OAT 3.11 includes support for grid queries which allow you to select data from multiple servers in a grid. Using the Replication plug-in, you can create and manage grid regions. Using the Schema Manager plug-in, you can add tables to a grid table list. Using the Query By Example page, you can run a grid query against all the servers in a grid or a region. [Demo]

  • Heat Map Graphs to monitor Extent and Buffer Pool Usage
  • New Heat Map graphs aid in the performance analysis of your Informix database server. View extent and buffer pool usage in a heat map from the System Reports page. [Learn More]

  • Rolling Window Tables
  • Have the Informix database server automatically manage table storage space by using rolling window tables. Use OAT's Schema Manager to create tables with policies that control the table's size by automatically removing the oldest fragments when a table contains more than a maximum number of fragments or is greater than a maximum total size.

  • New Welcome pages
  • OAT 3.11 includes a new welcome pages that can help you get started using OAT. The OAT Welcome page and the OAT Admin Welcome page provide resources and links to customize OAT, manage server connections, check server status, view performance history, manage storage space, and learn more about OAT. The Welcome page also allows you to configure a custom home page for OAT.

  • Redesigned Login Page
  • Based on user feedback, the OAT Login page has been redesigned to be easier to use for first-time users.

  • Create a demo database
  • OAT's Schema Manager plug-in now includes an action to create the demo database "stores_demo".

  • IBM Mobile OpenAdmin Tool for Informix
  • Use Mobile OAT to monitor a single Informix server or a group of Informix servers. For example, you can view the online log and information about users such as commits, connection duration, and rows processed. You can find out which tables have the most inserts, updates, deletes, and scans. You can monitor a server's free memory, processor usage, I/O activity, the number of sessions, and more. [Learn More] [Demo]

    Mobile OAT is available for Apple iOS and Android devices.  To use Mobile OAT, you must have OAT v3.11 installed, an Informix database server running, and an Internet connection. You can monitor Informix servers from version 11.10 and later.  Download Mobile OAT from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

2.77  -  Released December 2012

  • Defect fixes only

2.76  -  Released October 2012

  • Updated versions of Apache, PHP, and PDO_INFORMIX to provide increased stability and enhanced security.
  • OAT 2.76 installed as part of the Informix Client SDK 3.70.xC6 includes updated versions of the following software programs: Apache 2.4.2 (Linux) or Apache 2.2.22 (Windows), PHP 5.4.4 (Linux), PDO_INFORMIX 1.2.7 (Linux)

2.75  -  Released May 2012

  • Increased graphing options for plug-in developers

    Plug-in developers can now add bar graphs (in addition to the previously supported line graphs and pie charts), as well as add an optional zoom control to their line graphs.

2.74  -  Released October 2011

  • Install OAT with CSDK and Windows 64-bit Installer Support

    Install the IBM OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix when you install Client SDK. This option is available on Windows 32-bit, Linux 32-bit and 64-bit, and MAC OS 64-bit operating systems. The OpenAdmin Tool Community Edition (for manual install) is still available as a separate download from the IBM Informix Free Product Download page.

  • Internal Users

    Add and manage users without operating system accounts (UNIX, Linux). You can add internally authenticated users and users who do not have accounts on the host operating system on the Server Administration > User Privileges > Internal Users page.

  • Non-English Locale Support in the Replication plug-in

    Administer Enterprise Replication, the Connection Manger, and grids for any non-English or multibyte database locales. You can now view data in any database locale that Informix database servers support when you are using the Replication plug-in.

  • Health Advisor Plug-in

    The new IBM Informix Health Advisor Plug-in for OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) analyzes the state of Informix database servers with a series of alarms that check conditions on the database server, including configuration, operating system, performance, storage, and Enterprise Replication. The Health Advisor plug-in creates a report of the results and recommendations and sends the report by email to the specified recipients.

    With the Health Advisor plug-in, you can:

    • Create profiles that specify the alarms that are enabled and the thresholds for the alarms.
    • Schedule tasks to run the Health Advisor with specific profiles at regular intervals.
    • Specify who receives an email notification of the results.
    • Run a check on demand with the current profile and view the report.

2.73  -  Released June 2011

  • Improved Performance History

    Use the performance history grahps to compare multiple metrics over time on a single server or across multiple servers.

  • Connection Manager
  • Single graphical view for managing your entire replication environment - Clusters, Grids, and Enterprise Replication domains.

    Define one Connection Manager for multiple connection units of clusters, grids, replication sets, and server sets. Use the OAT graphical interface to create a new Connection Manager (CM), start and stop the CM, and create and modify service level agreements (SLAs).

  • New TimeSeries Plug-in

    Monitor the database objects related to TimeSeries: tables, indexes, subtypes, containers, calendars, and virtual tables.  Use graphical wizards to create TimeSeries containers, calendars, and virtual tables.

  • Locks Reports

    Four new System Reports to monitor lock usage on the database server.

  • Low Memory Manager

    Monitor memory usage and avoid out-of memory errors by configuring the actions that the database server takes to continue processing when memory is critically low.

  • Log File Management

    Configure the database server to automatically manage message log files.

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2.72  -  Released March 2011

  • Backup

    You can now OAT to configure and schedule automated ontape backups, to run on-demand ontape backups, and to monitor backup status.

  • Create and Drop Database

    The Schema Manager plug-in now includes actions for creating and dropping databases.

  • Historical System Reports

    The System Reports page now supports running SQL trace reports over historical data within a specified time range.

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2.70  -  Released October 2010

Full support for Informix 11.70 features, including...

  • Grid

    Part of the Replication plugin, you can create and administer grids of interconnected replication servers to simplify administration across multiple servers. You can review the status of grid commands and rerun failures. You can also configure the Connection Manager to route client connections to servers in the grid based on the quality of replicated data and transaction latency.

  • A centralized page for monitoring and adminstering Storage

    The storage functionality in OAT has been consolidated and centralized into the new Storage page.  Now, from one page, you can analyze and manage storage and space usage for your Informix server; add, modify, expand and drop spaces and chunks; onfigure a storage pool and configure the automatic expansion of space on the Informix server; compress, shrink, and repack tables and fragments; defragment tables, fragments, and indexes; configure automatic space optimization policies; and more.

  • New Enterprise Replication options

    New options for ER you allow to disable replication, define replication for tables without primary keys (using the ERKEY shadow columns), and repair replication inconsistencies based on time stamps.

  • Schema Manager improvements
    • Statisics: monitor information about the statistics for tables and fragments, including the percentage of data change since the last time UPDATE STATISTICS was run. Also configure whether a table uses Fragment-Level Statistics.
    • Create tables and indexes using three new distribution schemes - fragment by interval, fragment by date interval, and fragment by list.
    • Specify that row-level events are recorded for a table when selective row-level auditing is enabled for the database server when you create a table.
    • Create shadow columns that Enterprise Replication uses for a primary key when you create a table.
    • Specify the extent size information when you create an index.
    • When creating an index, make the index a primary key constraint or a unique constraint.


  • Mapped Users

    Create and manage mapped users.

  • Trusted Context

    Create and manage trusted contexts which define trusted connections between an Informix database server and an external entity, such as a middleware server.

  • Multi-Index Scan and Star Join

    OAT's SQL Explorer includes support for Multi-Index Scans and Star Joins, in both the query tree diagrams and the optimizer directives.

  • Run Automated Update Statistics in multiple threads

    Improve AUS performance by configuring the number of threads to use when running automatic update statistics.

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2.28  -  Released July 2010

  • Support for non-English database locales

    You can use OAT to view and modify data in any database locale that is supported for Informix database servers.

  • Schema Manager Plug-in Version 1.3

    The Schema Manager plug-in now includes a Create Index wizard as well as further external table enhancements./p>

  • Automated installer support for Microsoft Windows 7

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2.27  -  Released December 2009

  • UI Translations in 13 languages

    Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Slovak, and Spanish

  • Connection Manager Proxy Support

    Use OAT to configure the Connection Manager as a proxy server when clients connect to Informix data servers from outside a firewall (11.50.xC6 and up).

  • Schema Manager Plug-in Version 1.2

    The Schema Manager plug-in has been enhanced to include various schema management actions, including

    • Create tables, including external tables.
    • Drop and truncate tables
    • Load or unload data from external tables
    • Monitor the status of load and unload tasks.


  • Enterprise Replication Plug-in Version 2.4 (11.50xC4 and up)

    ER plug-in version 2.4 rounds out the suite of ER administration commands supported in OAT as well as adding a number of usability enhancements.

    • Improve the performance of the consistency check and synchronization tasks, using WHERE clauses and parallelism options.
    • Change the master replicate server for a replicate.
    • Instiate a template on multiple ER servers simulatenously.
    • Delete ER objects including servers, replicates, replicate sets, and templates. Also delete information about completed check and synchronization tasks.

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2.26  -  Released July 2009

  • Enterprise Replication Plug-in Version 2.3 (11.50xC4 and up)

    Enhancements to the ER plug-in include:

    • the ability to modify ER servers and replicates
    • the ability to start, stop, suspend, resume, disconnect, reconnect, and cleanstart ER servers

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2.25  -  Released June 2009

  • Schema Manager Plug-in Version 1.0

    Introducing a new plug-in for OAT: the Schema Manager. Use this plug-in for a dashboard-like of view databases and tables on your Informix database server. For databases, see stored procedures, functions, sequences, UDTs, privileges, DataBlades, aggregetes, casts, and opclasses from one single view. For tables, views, and synonyms, the Schema Manager shows you information about its columns, indexes, references, constraints, privileges, UDTs, fragments, and triggers. The Schema Manager also provides you with ability to drill-down on any of its pods for more detailed information.
  • Enterprise Replication Plug-in Version 2.2 (11.50xC4 and up)

    The ER plug-in is now at version 2.2. This version includes all previous functionality and additionally now allows the following:

    • Can now add and delete replicates from replicate sets.
    • Can now change the replication frequency for the replicates in the set

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2.24  -  Released May 2009

  • Compression (Informix 11.50xC4 and up)  
  • The Storage Optimization feature is new to Informix in 11.50.xC4.  Save disk space by compressing tables and table fragments, consolidate free space in tables and fragments through a repack operation, and return free space to the dbspace through the shrink operation.  OAT also helps you to decide which tables or fragments to compress by graphically showing you the estimated the amount of space that compression will save.

  • Enterprise Replication Plug-in Version 2.1 (11.50xC4 and up)
    • Define ER servers
    • Define replicates and replicate sets
    • Define and realize templates
    • Start, stop, suspend, and resume replicates and replicate sets
    • Check replicates and replicate sets for data inconsistencies
    • Repair data inconsistencies in replicates and replicate sets
    • Synchronize data to repair inconsistencies in replicates and replicate sets
    • Repair failed transactions by using Aborted Transaction Spooling (ATS) and Row Information Spooling (RIS) files

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2.23  -  Released December 2008

  • SQL Explorer
    • Filters and search fields for viewing SQL tracing data.
    • Support for different SQL trace levels - global or user - so you can manage what kinds of SQL information are traced for Informix V11.50.xC1 servers.
    • Support for suspending and resuming history tracing, without releasing resources, on Informix V11.50.xC1 servers.
  • SQL Explorer has been newly redesigned. New features include:

  • Enterprise Replication Plug-in Version 2.0
    • Added Replicate Explorer - to monitor replicates and replicate sets
    • Can now edit ER configuration parameters on the Node Details -> Configuration page
  • Version 2.0 of OpenAdminTool’s Enterprise Replication plug-in includes a new Replicate Explorer and becomes the first step in supporting ER administration graphically through OAT.

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2.22  -  Released August 2008

  • Enterprise Replication Functionality Enhancements
    • Added ability to monitor the entire Enterprise Replication domain from a single screen.
    • The Routing Topology page is enhanced to display thresholds, alerts, and profile data without having to drill down on each node.
    • View errors for the ER domain and for the current node from the new Errors page, in the Node Details pages. Two filters help to customize the list of errors.
    • Find out what the Enterprise Replication configuration parameters are set to from the new Configuration page.
  • Improved User Authentication Security for SQLToolbox

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2.21  -  Released June 2008

  • Automated Installer for Apple Platform
  • Automatically setup Apache, PHP, I-Connect and OAT on Mac OS X. For users who want to use or install their own Apache/PHP configurations, OAT is also released as a standalone package.

  • Enterprise Replication Plug-in Version 1.0
    • Disk usage
    • Send and Receive queues
    • Receiving/Apply statistics
    • Routing Topology
    • Node details
    • ..and much more.
  • Enterprise Replication plug-in allows domain monitoring of:

    OAT Enterprise Replication is provided as a separate plug-in. You can simply place the ER plug-in zip file under the OAT plugin_install directory and install it with the plug-in manager.

  • Plug-in Support
  • A simple way to customize OAT functionality. You can download customized OAT plug-ins and install them with the plug-in manager. Sample plug-in code is also provided and you can follow the sample in creating your own plug-ins. Should allow more ISVs to explore adding additional functionality as needed.

  • Custom Menu Builder
  • Now add your own menus to the OAT interface. Use this along with the new plug-in functionality to tailor OAT to your specific needs!

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2.20  -  Released May 2008

  • Automated Installer for Windows and Linux
  • Automatically setup Apache, PHP, I-Connect and OAT on Windows and Linux. For users who want to use or install their own Apache/PHP configurations, OAT is also released as a standalone package.

  • New User Interface
    • The interface has been overhauled and is now easier to use and more intuitive.
  • New Dynamic Reconfiguration and Onconfig parameter recommendations
  • New Performance Statistics
    • Automatic Update Statistics
    • Historical Data Graphs
    • Operating system specific statistics
  • Usability Improvements 
    • Improved documentation and FAQ
    • New menu highlighting and restructuring
    • New Task Scheduler Wizard
    • New Virtual Processor Administration
    • New Mach11 server controls (Start/Stop), enhanced security (IDSD) and setup wizards
    • HOWTO.html help guide added
  • Reliability Improvements
    • Perform regular system integrity checks
  • Security Improvements
    • New Privileges Manager and Read-Only ACL
  • Other
    • Environment variable support on server connections
    • RSS support was removed

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